We are, as Jewellery Exporters' Association, carrying out projects listed below for the benefit of the sector using domestic and EU resources.

"Hearing the Charms of Stones" (Taşların Tılsımını Duymak) Project is carried out within the framework of Small Scale Infrastructure Financial Assistance Program for Social Inclusion.  The Project has 500 000 TL budget. Vocational training center, which provides ornamental stone (semi-precious stones) handiwork training, has been established within the scope of the project with the purpose to leverage the employability and entrepreneurial capacity of individuals with hearing impairment higher than 40% and residing in Istanbul.

"Handling Future With Gemstones" (Değerli Taşlarla Geleceği İşlemek) Project is carried out within the framework of Improving Quality of Vocational and Technical Education in Turkey Grant Program and has a total budget of 300 000 Euro. In this context studies are carried out to meet the industry's needs which are qualified human resources and master trainers. For detailed information regarding the project, please kindly visit